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Sell House Fast Glen Burnie: Things to Consider

If you want to sell your house fast in Glen Burnie, here are some suggestions you might want to consider.  There are several ways in which you can sell your property in Glen Burnie; you can contact a real estate agent and your house will be in a multi-list, or you can sell it to a cash buyer, which is usually  faster.  Cash home buyers are motivated to purchase your house as soon as possible. However, how do you choose which one to trust?

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Sell House Fast Glen Burnie: What Cash Buyers Want

sell house fast for cash glen burnie

Cash buyers in Glen Burnie are looking for property owners who want to sell quickly. If a seller is highly motivated, and wants to sell the house fast for cash without making repairs or waiting for a real estate agent to find a good buyer, then a cash buyer is a perfect match.  Most cash buyers are interested in inherited property,  distressed properties in need of repair, or where the owner is facing financial difficulties. If you are a Baltimore homeowner facing foreclosure, selling your house fast for cash is a great option to save your credit score in case you need to make a big purchase in the future, such as a car or even a new home.

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Selling Your House Fast in Glen Burnie, Maryland: Cash Offer

sell my house fast for cash glen burnie

When you sell your house for cash, the offer is 30% to 50% less than the market value for your house. A cash buyer buys the property As-Is, in any condition. That means you will avoid the headache and the responsibility of fixing up your house, such as painting, remodelling, plumbing, leaky roof, sewers. A cash buyer will assume all the costs of any work that needs to be done; you don’t need to wait for all these repairs to finish before you can sell your house.  This saves you your most valuable asset: your time.

When you sell your house for cash- there are no surprises- you will be given a no obligation written offer so you know what are getting before you agree. Time is valuable, don’t waste it with contractors.



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Getting a Realtor to Sell Your House in Glen Burnie

sell house fast glen burnie

If you’re inexperienced or unsure of how to best sell your house fast in Glen Burnie, hiring an agent is an option for you.  While selling a home without an agent can save you money, it is recommended that you use an agent. There are advantages and disadvanges to getting a professional realtor to sell your home, including the potential costs and time it will take.

Realtors offer free consultation and understand how smart sellers weigh options. They explore options that you may not have considered.  Using an agent to sell your home faster will allow you to focus on the sale itself and less time preparing for it.

A Realtor has access to a network to market your home on their company website. Also, an agent has the ability to download email addresses of their potential clients and insert them into an ad on Facebook. This will put your house in front of a buyer searching for a property similar to yours. This may take a longer time to get a buyer, but professional real estate agent can change the outcome of sale, from a frustrating one into a successful and profitable one.  

Skip the Hassle of a Realtor

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Sell House Fast Glen Burnie: Preparation

Getting Rid of Junk: Sell faster and more money

sell house fast for cash glen burnie

Buyers’ first impressions are made by how the front of your house looks, so make sure it is attractive. Make entering your house easy for buyers. A cluttered front yard, foyer or porch will turn possible buyers off, so remove all clutter. If possible, clean your home the best you can in order to sell faster and for higher offers.

To help increase the chances of selling your house quickly for cash is to declutter not only the outside but also the inside of your house. This may seem like a huge task, but removing junk and old paperwork from every room can make your house more desirable and appealing to buyers. Plus, going through old stuff and tossing out what is not needed before you show the buyers the house will take away a lot of your pressure. Just think, when you have a deadline, you won’t have to stress and rush.

Decluttering prevents a potential buyer to equate your poor housekeeping skills as a gauge of things wrong with the house.

So before showing your house to anyone- even a cash buyer – get rid of as much junk as you can! Either store it- or toss it!

Show more open space- this usually means higher bids for you. For the most part, you can do this yourself, and even hire a local handyman to do some fix up paint- cheap. 

The main goal is to thoroughly clean your home. Whether you opt to clean and stage your home yourself or hire a professional, a clean home will attract more buyers and paint it in a positive light. Don’t distract possible buyers with things like dusty cabinets or stains in the carpet. While you might not think of these as issues, others may not agree. Get feedback from friends or family to help you recognize areas that need more consideration.

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Painting Your House Costs Time and Money: Sell Your Glen Burnie house As-Is.

If you’re selling a house in Glen Burnie, your goal is to maximize the value of your home. Painting both the inside and outside of your home, can make a big difference in your home’s value and overall curb appeal.

According to the 2019 survey by the National Association of Realtors, exterior paint is crucial to a home’s curb appeal and can possibly add to the home’s value. Look for peeling paint along the stem wall, faded paint on walls, or chipped stucco as these may send the message to a buyer that the property hasn’t been that well-maintained. You may be unintentionally influencing what the buyer thinks about your house before they even enter the front door.

If you want to sell your house fast for cash in Glen Burnie, you don’t need to make any repairs -we’ll buy it as is!

A fresh coat of paint will help make a positive first impression to buyers online. For an online buyer swiping past multiple listings in a minute, the exterior of your house may only have seconds to make get their attention and click on your listing and learn more about your property.

Keep in mind, the more online views equal more in-person visits, which means better offers.

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Staging Your House in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Staging, in the simplest terms, means fixing up your house and make it look more inviting to buyers. This could be a little cosmetic touch-up to major cleaning up the and getting rid of junk, not to mention unpleasant smells. Remember to remove oversized sectionals and replace them with smaller couches. Borrow furniture if you need to and try to depersonalize your space like removing family photos and other personal items. If you hire a home staging company, often times, they will add neutral furniture and décor that appeals to the common people, steering clear of a vague style that limits the amount of homebuyer. You may want to move some of your personal stuff into storage. This will give it the appearance of having more space, and thereby adding the value to your house.

Home staging involves not only inside the house but decluttering and removing unnecessary items in your front yard. You may want to make sure the front porch is clean and disinfected too. If done right, staging can less the amount of time your house is in the market, increase the value of your home, and maximize the amount of money you make.

sell house for cash in glen burnie

However, if you do not have the luxury of time to prepare and repair, you have the option to sell your house fast for cash, but of course, that is still up to you.

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Selling To A Cash Buyer in Glen Burnie May Be Your Best Option!

The major benefit of selling your house to a cash buyer in Glen Burnie is that you can usually sell it faster, and at a just price. You are not responsible for a realtor’s commission on the sale of your house, plus the cash buyer will cover your closing costs.

Though, the buyer will still have to do a full inspection or assessment of the property to guarantee both parties are getting the most value.

When you are faced with life situation such as illness, a divorce, or bills piling up- you may need to move quickly a conventional sale might be too long to wait to complete. Time to make repairs and improvements might not be there, an all-cash buyer understands a tough situation. Cash buyers are sometimes real estate investors who flip or rent the property after completing the deal. Even if you have a property that’s in distress or in need of repairs, you can still sell it for a profit, in less time.

Selling your property to a cash buyer in Glen Burnie saves you time in closing. The process is frequently faster, typically in 45 days or less, depending. There is no waiting and hoping that the potential buyer will get the mortgage loan from the bank, which would put your property deal on hold or “under contract”. In comparison, a cash buyer has the money to buy available, you just have to approve the offer. Furthermore, a cash buyer can buy a property at any condition, that is if the price is right.

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Property Seller's FAQs

The value of a property depends on several factors such as size, neighborhood, condition of the house, etc.

NO.  Cash buyers are direct buyers. You only deal with them. You don’t have to wait for people to view your house.

None.  Cash buyers will give you a fair, honest, No obligation offer regardless of condition of your property.

None.  Unlike a Real Estate agent, who charges up to 6% of the value of the house, a cash buyer do not charge commissions.

Fun Facts about Glen Burnie, Md

  • Glen Burnie dates back to 1812.
  • Elias Glenn is the founder of Glen Burnie
  • Names of Glen Burnie through the years:
  1. Glennsburne
  2. Glennsbourne Farm
  3. Glen Burnie (Glenn’s children and grandchildren were given the property) 

In 1854, William Glenn, Elias’ grandson established Curtis Creek Mining into his family’s property, which was a  very successful company. After his death in 1888, Glen Burnie was officially declared part of Maryland.

  • The projected population of Glen Burnie, Maryland is 69,872.
  • Glen Burnie is a town located in Anne Arundale County